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Losing Tom, and where to go from here..

Well, this hurts... and it may take awhile to fully sink in. Tom left us on Oct. 2nd, 2017, just 2 weeks before his 67th birthday. And while we have recently lost other legends (most recently Bowie, Prince, and Glenn Frey) it's still hard to fathom a world without Tom Petty in it. Having just completed his 40th anniversary tour with the Heartbreakers, it appeared that they would still release a few more CDs, and do at least 1 more short tour. To have Tom taken from us at this time just seemed so... unfair. But that's life, as they say, and we'll carry on as best we can, even if it means all future shows we play will have an element of sadness, and melancholy . We like to think Tom would say, " saddle up, and get ready to rock"... that's the Heartbreakers way.

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